Obusforme Contoured Seat Support Cushion

  • $110.11
  • Incl GST

Complete and Comfortable Ergonomic Sitting Experience

  • Extended Comfort

Unique design of seat cushion, evenly distributes body weight and encourages proper alignment of the pelvis and thighs for extended sitting comfort

  • Encourages Pelvic Alignment

Cushions your tailbone, sitting bones, and thighs to help alleviate pressure points

  • Adjustable, for Use Anywhere. 

Removable front section is easily unzipped to allow for use with narrow chairs and benches, and suited to a wide range of seating surfaces. Lightweight and portable for use on any seat in the home, office, car, wheelchair.

  • High- Density Foam

Integrated polyurethane foam cushioning for superior comfort. 

  • Complete Support Solutions 

Can be used with any Obusforme Supports, to create a complete and comfortable ergonomic sitting experience. Check out the Obusforme Low Backrest Support Cushion and Obusforme High Backrest Support

Dimensions: 40cm x 45cm. Navy. 

Since 1980, the ObusForme team has achieved success by applying the science of ergonomics and a professional understanding of the human body to every product development. This combination of ergonomic and anatomical expertise with rigorous research into the needs and desires of our consumers enables ObusForme to create therapeutic products that enhance the quality of everyday life. Learn more here. 

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