Obusforme Low Backrest Support Cushion

Obusforme Low Backrest Support Cushion

  • $149.95
  • Incl GST

An Ergonomic Design Engineered for the Needs of the Human Body

The original, patented Obusforme Backrest Support. 

  • Includes a patented lumbar pad that provides additional support for the lower back by filling in the lumbar curve
  • Lumbar pad is removable and adjustable
  • Cover can be removed; increasing hygiene
  • Versatile: Lumbar pad may be placed inside the backrest by separating the seam at the back and placing the lumbar pad towards the front

Dimensions: 53cm x 45cm. Navy

Since 1980, the ObusForme team has achieved success by applying the science of ergonomics and a professional understanding of the human body to every product development. This combination of ergonomic and anatomical expertise with rigorous research into the needs and desires of our consumers enables ObusForme to create therapeutic products that enhance the quality of everyday life. Learn more here. 

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