Ortholife Total Stability Ankle Brace

Ortholife Total Stability Ankle Brace

  • $41.21
  • Incl GST

An Ankle Brace for Maximum Stability 

This uniquely designed Ortholife Ankle Brace provides maximal stability and protects and supports the ankle. 


  • Made of durable and tough nylon fabric
  • Figure-eight stabilizing straps to protect and support the ankle
  • Extra non-elastic cross-stirrup straps provide maximal stability
  • Elastic cuff closure improves stability and comfort
  • Bilateral plastic stays for additional support
  • Low profile ensuring it will fit into any type of shoe
  • Lace-up design fitting right and left foot

To find your size: Measure the ankle circumference from the base of the heel in cm.

Ortholife is a market-leading manufacturer of Orthopaedic Products, with a mission of “Better Quality Orthopaedic Products for a Better Quality Life”. Their products are engineered to get you back to work faster, carefully designed under the direction of health professionals all over the globe. Learn more here.

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