Curaprox 3960 Super Soft Toothbrush

  • $8.95
  • Incl GST

This brush head reaches and cleans everywhere, letting adults and children happily brush their teeth. Its octagonal handle ensures the correct cleaning angle of 45 degrees. The brush head has an incredible 3960 filaments, over two thousand more than the adult toothbrush. They are also finer with a filament diameter of 0.12mm. 

This is the real Plaque fighter! Learn how to brush your teeth using our Manufacturers best practise guidelines.

CUREN®-filaments are stiffer than nylon and remain just as stable in the mouth as when they are dry - making it possible to produce toothbrushes with a large number of ultrafine bristles.Thus, this brush both prevents brushing damages, and breaks up and removes plaque perfectly. 

This brush is sold primarily into and through Dental Practises throughout New Zealand. Curaprox has a very loyal following in New Zealand through thousands of dentists and health professionals.

See the manufacturers resources here.

Comes in an assortment of colours. Important- colour may vary from the image online. 

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