Curaprox 5460 Toothbrush

Curaprox 5460 Toothbrush

  • $5.74
  • Incl GST

This brush head reaches and cleans everywhere, letting adults and children happily brush their teeth. Its octagonal handle ensures the correct cleaning angle of 45 degrees. The brush head has an incredible 7,600 filaments, over two thousand more than the adult toothbrush. They are also finer with a filament diameter of 0.08mm. 

This is the real Plaque fighter! Learn how to brush your teeth using our Manufacturers best practise guidelines.

Plaque’s toughest enemy is the gentleness of the famous CUREN®-bristles. The 5460 CUREN®-filaments of the CS 5460 ultra soft form an uncommonly dense and efficient cleaning surface. While they are gentle on gums and teeth, CUREN®-filaments are extremely hard on plaque. Anyone who tries a CS toothbrush will never want to do without this brushing experience again.

This brush is sold primarily into and through Dental Practises throughout New Zealand. Curaprox has a very loyal following in New Zealand and is reccommended by hundreds of dentists and health professionals.

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