Curasept ADS Gumgel

Curasept ADS Gumgel

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Gentle, effective, and versatile.

Curasept ADS 350 Gumgel Chlorhexidine 0.50% - a gumel that is an extremely versatile option. It offers thorough daily care under dentures, and weekly care with implants, periodontitis and fixed tooth replacements - a gel for all ages and stages ! 

This Gumgel is easy to apply - the targeted application of 0.5% CHX digluconate gel makes using a surgical mega soft toothbrush or interdental brush easier. Alternatively, simply massage in with a finger.

Consistent Curasept innovation means this gumgel is very gentle- incorporating an Anti Discoloration System, this gel works to actively ensure your teeth's whiteness. 

Comes in a tube of 30ml. 

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