Curasept Toothpaste with Chlorhexidine

Curasept Toothpaste with Chlorhexidine

  • $9.95
  • Incl GST

This toothpaste is a double agent - the gel-like texture soothes the gums, teeth, and tissue while active ingredients provide a strong defence against decay. 

  • The toothpaste prevents abrasion and irritation of teeth. 
  • Containing 0.05 % Chlorhexidine gluconate (CHX), it is able to both protect and treat gums
  • Also containing 0.05% Fluoride, the toothpaste effectively combats bacteria.
  • Active Ingredients ensure the toothpaste provies is an extremely effective defence against tooth cavities.
  • In addition to giving teeth a thorough cleansing and creating a strong defence system, the toothpaste is also designed to deal with the appearance of teeth.
  • 75 ml tube

Offering minimum side- effects; and maximum effectiveness; this toothpaste is safe and recommended for use daily. 

Soothes, defends, and helps improves appearance of teeth - this Curasept Toothpaste offers the ultimate daily oral care. 

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