Pandemic Home Readiness Kit

Pandemic Home Readiness Kit

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Ensure your Home is 'Pandemic Ready' ! 

This kit will provide you with the essential infection control products to ensure you are 'Pandemic Ready'. 

These High Protection Masks paired with 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser will ensure you have all you need to face a pandemic


  • 10 KN95* Masks 
  • 1 x 500ml 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser 

*Important Note: These are tested by an accredited laboratory (CNAS) in China, which confirms that despite the absence of all required physical markings on the masks, these have meet the performance criteria required by the GB2626:2006 standard. However, Amtech is not able to substantiate that they are specifically to the KN95 standard, as the standard dictates the physical markings must be present on the mask. 

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