Suture Removal Kit

Suture Removal Kit

  • $5.96
  • Incl GST

A Handy Kit containing all the Instruments you need for Suture Removal! 

Blue handle signifies single use - an economical and time- saving option for instruments. The single use concept is a popular and growing methodology that provides a fast, cost effective alternative to autoclaving instruments.

  • Sterilised by Ethylene Oxide gas under ISO 13485 regulatory certification.
  • Triple sealed for easy opening and non-tear
  • During production and sealing of these instruments, the highest possible levels of hygiene and sterility are maintained 
  • The instruments are precision engineered to be robust, strong and of the highest possible quality.
  • Kit contains: 
    • 1 x Adson Forcep Non- Toothed
    • 1 x Curved Sharp Sharp Scissors 

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