Smith and Nephew Secura Moisturizing Cleanser

Smith and Nephew Secura Moisturizing Cleanser

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 Smith and Nephew Secura Moisturizing Cleanser - 236ml. 

Secura moisturizing cleanser is a gentle no-rinse one-step personal cleansing lotion for the perineum and body that is ph buffered to protect the skin’s acid mantle.

It both cleans and deodorises the skin without the need for rinsing. Specifically formulated for incontinent patients.

  • pH-BalancedSoothes skin, without disturbing the skin's natural acid mantle.
  • One-Step, No-Rinse Formula - Reduces effort and cleanup time for nurses, and the economical 236ml size makes for convenient and cost-effective cleanups.
  • Proven Safety - Proven safe for both paediatric and adult patients. Considered to be non-irritating and non-sensitising.
  • Efficient Cleansing - Secura gently removes faeces and urine from the skin without forceful cleansing, providing efficient no-rinse, one-step cleansing.
  • Contains Aloe and Glycerin - Restores moisture and soothes skin. Conditions the skin, leaving it smooth and supple.



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