Ortholife AFO Leaf Spring

Ortholife AFO Leaf Spring

  • $41.21
  • Incl GST

Supports That Work Quickly - Helping You to Get Back to Work Quickly 

  • In-shoe, static orthosis to maintain the dropped foot in plantigrade during walking
  • Semi-rigid shell provides support
  • Hook and loop closure for easy fitting, provides adjustable compression and stability
  • Flexible foot plate may be trimmed for exact fit
  • Made of durable PP material
  • Designed specifically for right or left

Ideal for: 

  • Foot drag due to hemiplegia
  • Drop foot due to peroneal nerve injury or sciatica nerve lesion

Functions: to improve toe clearance in normal gait. 

U.S Sizes:

  • Small 
    Men's <5
    Women's <6
  • Medium
    Men's 5-7
    Women's 6-8
  • Large
    Men's 7-9
    Women's 8-10
  • X-Large
    Men's 9>
    Women's 10>

Ortholife is a market-leading manufacturer of Orthopaedic Products, with a mission of “Better Quality Orthopaedic Products for a Better Quality Life”. Their products are engineered to get you back to work faster, carefully designed under the direction of health professionals all over the globe. Learn more here.

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