Mallet Finger Splints Flesh Colour Rigid Plastic Half Round

  • $11.52
  • Incl GST

Splints to Treat Mallet Finger Comfortably and Effectively !

These Mallet Finger Splints are perfect for resolving Mallet Finger, and other injuries to the hand and finger. 

These Splints work to correct mallet deformity, as they support the DIP joint in neutral position to help correct mallet deformity. 

  • No tape needed, meaning application is easy. 
  • Perforated design offers premium stability.
  • Injection moulded to high tolerance, ensuring an ultra smooth edge for patient comfort.
  • Help protect fingertips and nail beds during injuries. 
  • Latex free. 
  • Splint can be trimmed with heavy duty scissors for the most comfortable fit.

Flesh Colour Splints, made of semi-hard plastic, half round.

In order to find your size, measure the circumference at DIP (Distal Interphalangeal) Joint. 

Please see attached Size Guide.

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