Aeroplast Fabric Assorted Shape Plasters

Aeroplast Fabric Assorted Shape Plasters

  • $7.85
  • Incl GST

A highly popular Fabric Bandage in both Australia and New Zealand! 

This bandage is one of New Zealand and Australia’s most commonly used industrial plaster.

Their popularity stems from being ideally suited to situations where a plaster needs to be worn for long periods of time, and offering unparalleled protection and durability.

Their durability and long-lasting protection is made possible as the bandages are made from very high quality fabric, feature flexible elastic dressing and extra strong adhesive that makes them plasters hard wearing and robust. 

The plasters are of a generous size with an extra large wound pad for protection and come in a variety of shapes and sizes - ensuring they suit a variety of injuries! 

Comes in a handy box of  100 Bandages. 

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