3M ECG Electrode Red Dot Resting Pack

3M ECG Electrode Red Dot Resting Pack

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Prioritising Ease of Use, High Quality ECG Reading, and Patient Comfort 

For everyday ECG testing, this product from 3M features a large tab with an easy, secure attachment of clips. 

2cm x 2cm Resting ECG Electrode, Tab Style.

  • Features less aggressive adhesive than other types of ECG tabs, ensuring your patients comfort.
  • Tab-style electrode has pressure-sensitive conductive adhesive that is easy to apply and remove, and provides rapid and intimate skin contact to ensure high quality trace pickup.
  • Comes in an Easy to use strip of 10. Designed for Short Term wear. 

Ideal for: 

  • General ECG monitoring situations where skin moisture is an issue
  • Use in ER, OR, Stress Test, Cardiac Rehab and Echo-Cardiography departments

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