AccuTrend Cholesterol Meter with Carry Case

AccuTrend Cholesterol Meter with Carry Case

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Fast, Effective, and Leads to Immediate Results 

The Accutrend Plus system from Roche gives you a fast, effective way of screening patients for CVD risk factors - and generates immediate results.

This Meter helps ensure diagnosis is as quick and easy as possible - is a flexible, hand-held point of care device ensures the rapid and easy detection of four parameters on the spot. These include quantitative results for glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, and lactate directly from capillary blood.

Device is tailored for use outside the lab - ideal for use in the physician’s office and hospital, as well as for self-measurement at home or during sports.

Rapid results include :

  • Cholesterol in 180 seconds
  • Triglycerides in 174 seconds
  • Glucose in 12 seconds,
  • Lactate in 60 seconds.

A cost effective, all-in-one device that provides excellent assay performance when compared with standard laboratory tests. 

Compatible with the AccuTrend Cholesterol Control Solution. Learn More here! 

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