Aeropore Microporous Tape and Dispenser

Aeropore Microporous Tape and Dispenser

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Saves time and tears neater! 

This Aeropore tape on dispenser is a handy, time-saving product. Ideal for both medical and first aid rooms as saves time and tears neater than tearing.

Microporous tape is ideal for treating wounds that have compromised delicate or sensitive skin. Its effective adhesive holds down any dressing pad, it is very porous and breathable and allows moisture to escape without reducing adhesion.  It is thin, soft and flexible for improved patient comfort and tears easily to size for quick and easy application.

Micropore Tape adheres well to damp skin, and is both hypoallergenic and latex free.
Suggested applications include: securing small to medium dressings, securing lightweight tubing, securing ostomy appliances, taping fragile, at-risk skin, or when repeated taping is needed.

White colour tape, 2.5cm x 9.1 m. Comes as an each. 

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