Gold End Reusable Tweezers

Gold End Reusable Tweezers

  • $22.40
  • Incl GST

Stainless Steel Surgical Quality Tweezers with Gold Plated Handle can be used again and again! 

A Premium Gold-Plated Handle ensures that these tweezers are able to be reused again and again. High quality tweezers are of Surgical Quality, yet perfect for use in a wide range of different scenarios! 

  • Engineered to be robust, strong and of the highest quality possible.
  • Comes in handy 13cm Length. 
  • Available in both Sharp End, Non-Toothed, and Toothed Options- ensuring there is a tweezer to suit everyone's needs. 

Medical Grade stainless steel ensures tweezers are reusable. Gold-plated end, for easy identification. 

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