St John Resuscitation Bag Mask Kit

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Hand-held disposable device used to provide pressure ventilation to a patient who is not breathing or who is breathing inadequately. The device is a normal part of a resuscitation kit for trained professionals, such as ambulance crew. The kit is frequently used in hospitals and is an essential part of a crash cart.


Kit Contents  > 

Disposable Adult Resuscitator Bag includes Mask Oxygen Reservoir Tubing      1
Guedel Airway 90mm Orange, Size 3 1
Guedel Airway 80mm Green, Size 2 1
Covidien Antimicrobial Disposable Filter (350/5879) 1
Wall Mountable Plastic Kit (Orange Wall Mount) 282mm x 195mm x 118mm 1

*St John reserves the right to amend/change contents if there are guidelines and/or availability changes.

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