Bastion Coverall with Zipper

Bastion Coverall with Zipper

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Ideal for Protection in Medical and Healthcare Environments

Bastion Polypropylene Coveralls can are ideal for use in medical, health care, animal care and food processing environments. 

•Superior anti-leakage absorption properties
•Excellent shower-proof protection, comfort and breathability
•Isolates alcohols, oils, water and blood
•Zip with covering flaps
•Elasticated hood and cuff

Comes in an economical box of 50!

Certified for your Protection: These Coveralls either meet or exceed regulations for the US FDA Title 21, Part 177 for the purpose & approval for use in food & medical examination. Intended use are all food & medical activities except surgery with a temperature range of -35.0°C to +50.0°C.

Please note these are not microporous. 

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