Curaprox 1009 Single Tuft Brush

Curaprox 1009 Single Tuft Brush

  • $8.95
  • Incl GST

Impossible to brush your teeth any better.

Curaprox's single tuft toothbrush offers a unique, total clean. Tooth after tooth, the gum line is perfectly clean without any harm to the gums. A recommended brush for those with braces and implants; or simply for the joy of perfect teeth brushing.

Extensive research developed the solo cleaning method; which Dental professionals state offers the 'perfect clean'. Curaprox's single-tuft brush was made exclusively for the solo method, offering a clean like no other.

  • Flatters the gum line
  • CUREN® filaments with perfect round cut ensure a total clean
  • Trim length 9 mm
  • Perfect tool for the solo cleaning method. 

Explore how to perfectly clean your teeth with the single-tuft brush.


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