Curaprox Be You Display Six Taste Combi Pack with 5460 Toothbrush

  • $35.95
  • Incl GST

One toothpaste. Six Astonishing Flavours.

Whitening solutions that are fresh, vibrant and gentle. 


Curaprox Be You offers great oral health defense, and it's fun! 

Ideal for maintenance of tooth whiteness following whitening treatment, and for everyday use. Learn more about Be You's gentle whitening here.

  • Whitening effect with glucose oxidase, and protection with fluoride (950 ppm) and xylitol.
  • Power pearls: lots of menthol for extra long lasting freshness and a touch of silica for extra gentle cleaning.
  • Contains natural ingredients and Provitamin BG; has no SLS, Triclosan or microplastic
  • Protects against decay and plaque 
  • Pack Contains 6 x 10ml Paste and 1 x 5460 Toothbrush
  • Provides lasting fresh breath and helps against sensitivity.


Contains 6 x 10ml taster tubes of BE YOU toothpaste, and a CURAPROX 5460 toothbrush. Your mood, your choice. 


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