Curaprox Implant-Saver Floss 30m

Curaprox Implant-Saver Floss 30m

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Get In-Between.

Flossing is a vital part of any oral hygiene routine. It is essential to make sure that bacteria and debris is removed from these areas. The front teeth, particularly the lower ones, are often very close together. Floss is thus the perfect solution to ensuring that your teeth's health is maintained. Get help from the professionals - learn how to floss properly. 

The Implant-Saver cares for the particularly critical areas around implants in a new, gentle yet effective way. Helping ensure your implants are kept for longer! 

Curaprox's dental floss is easy and effective. It slides perfectly through the contact points between the teeth. Handy wax coating makes for easy control. 

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