Curaprox Prime Interdental Brush Refill Pack 12

  • $16.40
  • Incl GST

The finest little brushes on the market. 

Interdental spaces account for around 30% of the surfaces that need to be cleaned, and failure to do so can be a major health risk. 

However, Curaprox innovation has developed solutions! Their 07 Prime interdental brushes are ideal for easy and effective prevention of caries in the side teeth, gingivitis and periodontitis. The high quality of this prime brush means that a single cleaning movement is sufficient. Once in, once out. Done! 

  • Ultrafine bristles with umbrella effect
  • Patented surgical wire for the smallest interdental spaces
  • Long service life
  • Click system for all holders
  • Refill Packaging with 5 CPS 07 interdental brushes

Contains: 12  interdental brushes. 

Explore the innovative world of Curaprox interdental further here.


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