Curasept ADS Mouthwash with Chlorhexidine

Curasept ADS Mouthwash with Chlorhexidine

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Sometimes, chemical plaque control using chlorhexidine (CHX) is essential.  Innovative Curasept ADS® technology ensures that CHX that neither causes discoloration nor affects taste. 

For those with braces and orthodontic devices, post surgery, or with gingivitis and periodontal disease, unable to brush their teeth, the Curasept Mouthwash is an ideal solution. 

Thanks to a mighty combination of Chlorhexidine and 0.05% sodium fluoride, this mouthwash offers superior solution to plaque build up. 

It's also a versatile solution - people with impaired motor-skills can improve their cleaning results with CHX. 

Versatile, easy to use, and effective, the Curasept Mouthwash 0.05% Chlorhexidine is a solution that works for all. 

Learn more about Curasept's innovative ADS solutions here. 



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