Curasept Perio 0.12% Mouthwash 200ml

Curasept Perio 0.12% Mouthwash 200ml

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Sometimes, chemical plaque control using chlorhexidine (CHX) is essential.  Innovative Curasept ADS® technology ensures that CHX that neither causes discoloration nor affects taste. 

This hard-working mouthwash is ideal for a variety of situations. Able to be used: 

  • To treat gingivitis
  • To treat periodontitis
  • Before and after surgical treatment
  • Before and after non- surgical treatment 

Effectively, this mouthwash offers a strong oral health defense,as it forms a protective film and promotes regeneration within the oral cavity. Helping boost your oral health - in an easy, effective application.

A mouthwash that is gentle, yet effective. 


200ml bottle. 

Learn more about Curasept's innovative ADS solutions here. 

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