Dentons Talalay Latex Firm Pillow

Dentons Talalay Latex Firm Pillow

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The Ideal Pillow for Side, Back and Tummy Sleepers.

Our uniquely resilient and supportive Dentons Talalay Latex Firm pillow is made using the state of the art Talalay process. This creates a pillow that’s perfect for side, back and tummy sleepers.

Resilient comfort and support: 

The Dentons Talalay Latex Firm Pillow is also incredibly resilient and bounces easily back into shape, resulting in consistent support and comfort for your spine.

Uniquely Breathable:

Thousands of tiny air channels are created for the ultimate breathability, leading to the ultimate refreshing rest. Talalay latex also deters growth of bacteria, mould and dust mites, making for an excellent uninterrupted night’s sleep.


Superior Air Circulation:  

The Dentons Talalay Latex Firm Pillow is specifically designed for optimal air circulation, ensuring you are kept both warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Pillow Fill: Talalay Latex. Firm-feel pillow. 

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