Dynarex Flushable Wipes

Dynarex Flushable Wipes

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Safe, Clean and Flushable Wipes! 

Dynarex introduces a breakthrough - a new premoistened wipe that is both flushable and dispersible.

Dynarex uses a patented technology - unlike regular wipes, these are flushable as they are small enough to leave the bowl. What makes this patented product unique is its dispersibility: it easily breaks down back to fibers as it goes through the pipes.

As an additional advantage, our product has cellulose fibers and is biodegradable.

Safe to flush. Convenient to use. Safe for use on patients’ skin. Soothes with the touch of aloe.

Alcohol Free, Latex Free 

23cm x 33cm, comes in an economical pack of 60

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