Eurelasto Elastic Lite Cohesive Bandage

  • $8.38
  • Incl GST

So light you'll hardly notice that its there!

The Eurolasto Lite is an extremely light elastic cohesive bandage, which makes it both extremely comfortable, versatile, and easy to use.

Because it is extremely light, this bandage is ideal for parts of the body difficult to bandage. This makes it an very versatile option.

The Eurolite Elastic Lite cohesive bandage is made of cotton, viscose and polyamide. These materials mean that the bandage has controllable elasticity, again ensuring it can be used in a range of applications.

The light nature of the bandage and the controlled elasticity then means that the bandage furthermore, offers excellent freedom of movement. It is cool and comfortable, as it has an open weave structure, providing both optimum heat and moisture exchange.

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