Euroderm Foam Dressing

Euroderm Foam Dressing

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A Quality, Adhesive PU Foam Dressing Solution offering superior Fluid Managment! 

These are multi-layered hydrocellular polyurethane foams with an adhesive border- a product that is both versatile, and offers superior fluid management. 

Euroderm's Foam Dressing dressing consists of a hypoallergenic semi-permeable adhesive polyurethane top layer and a soft highly absorbent foam pad.

These dressings incorporate the latest technology - fluids are uniformly distributed into the foam pad, maintaining optimal moist wound environment and high absorption.

These solutions provides superior fluid management with up to a 7-day wear time.An economical and hassle-free solution! 

Each box contains 5 Dressings.

Perfect for use on:  

- Stage 1-1V Pressure Ulcers
- Surgical Wounds
- Vascular Ulcers
- 1st and 2nd Degree Burns
- Wounds on Fragile Skin
- Donor Sites

Comes in a handy 10cm x 10cm size. 

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