Hypafix Retention Tape

Hypafix Retention Tape

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A conformable, non-woven tape for secure and rapid fixation. 

This medical tape that can be used to securely hold wound dressings, catheters, ostomy appliances, and trach tubes in place. As made from soft, non-woven, water-resistant fabric, it keeps the wound moist, and also promotes airflow to reduce maceration. This material is conformable, so it won't constrain joints and features a low-allergy adhesive.

  • Self-adhesive and non-woven fabric sheet ensures secure and rapid fixation
  • Permeable to moisture and air, reducing maceration
  • Soft, non-woven medical tape ideal for wound dressings
  • Conformable and easy to use around joints and awkward body areas
  •  Versatile medical tape - can be used in a range of applications.
  • Made from white polyester material and coated with hypoallergenic adhesive on quick-release backing paper
  • Provides complete coverage of the entire dressing, thus reducing the risk of contamination. 

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