IMAK Elbow Brace

IMAK Elbow Brace

  • $57.75
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An Elbow Brace Ideal for Effective Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Treatment or Brace for Tennis Elbow. 

By gently immobilizing the elbow, the IMAK Elbow brace prevents painful movements while you sleep. This provides nighttime relief for cubital tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve pressure, tennis elbow golfer's elbow and additional, related ailments.

IMAK Elbow is woven with soft, breathable foam to keep the arm warm. Cotton lining ensures the skin can adequately breathe. Featuring a removable splint and dual hook and loop closure, this brace is ideal for cubital tunnel syndrome treatment, tennis elbow or similar elbow pain.

  • Prevents harmful arm positions while sleeping.
  • Provides customizable comfort; maximum immobilization with splint in, or gentle support with splint removed.
  • Promotes healing with therapeutic warmth.
  • Soft cotton lining and cushioning foam allow skin to breathe.
  • Stretchable webbing for improved fit.


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