inMotion Sports EAB Bandage

  • $8.19
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A Versatile Bandage designed for Support and Compression. 

This elastic adhesive bandage is ideal for both the sports player and the first aid room. Commonly used in football by the physio for taping ankles, this bandage effectively offers a less rigid level of support than zinc oxide tape.
A very versatile bandage, this EAB is also ideal for use as a compression bandage. It can be used to tape the head and ears in rugby, or to cover wound dressings. 
Features of the inMotion Sports EAB Bandage include: 
  • Manufactured to a high quality with a smooth 100% cotton backing
  • Designed for the support and compression of joints and muscles 
  • Quick and easy application for professional sports use
  • Zinc oxide adhesive ensures strength and stability

     Also, this bandage is easily torn by hand for quick application. Lightweight construction means that is it both strong and conforms very well. This EAB is able to act as a very effective overwrap for Rigid Tape. 

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