Outdoor Weatherproof Lockable AED Cabinet

  • $655.00
  • Incl GST

Ensuring Secure and Safe Storage of your AED! 

Allowing for secure storage of your AED outdoors - ensuring your AED is in perfect condition when you need it most!

Cabinet is weatherproof, ensuring effective placement. Opens with an effective lockpad for your Defibrillator. 

    • Dimensions: 48cm x 38cm x 24cm
    • Adjustable Shelf 
    • Combination Lock 
    • Made of 1.5mm cold roll steel
    • Signage is made to endure elements. 
    • Clear signage allows rescuers to be guided through the rescue process. 
    • Glass Window ensures you can see the AED. 
    • Alarm inside - when the door is opened the alarm will sound 
    • Water resistant– suitable for outdoor use
    • Popular with sports clubs, community groups, schools and businesses! 

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