Tubigrip Tubular Bandage

  • $26.40
  • Incl GST

Lasting, effective support with complete freedom of movement for the patient.

The Tubigrip tubular bandage range is versatile, effective bandage system for the patient. They provide both quality, lasting, support and complete freedom of movement for the patient.

Once the bandage has been applied, covered elastic threads within the fabric move to adjust to the contours of the body and distribute pressure evenly over the surface. Product application is quick and easy, ensuring application has the highest chances of success.

Unlike conventional bandages, Tubigrip will stay securely in position without pins or tapes. It is also an economical choice - Tubigrip can easily be reapplied after washing, without loss of effect.

  • Provides support following soft tissue injuries, dislocations and sprains
  • Knitted fabric with interwoven elastomer
  • Aids rehabilitation following removal of plaster casts
  • Reduces edema and assists venous circulation


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