Ortholife Deluxe Maternity Back Brace

  • $45.35
  • Incl GST

Supports Lumbar and Abdominal Regions during Pregnancy

    • Breathable elastic and soft foam material - ensuring your comfort. 
    • Two removable flexible plastic stays for added support
    • Strong high quality elastic material
    • Elastic straps for adjustable compression

Ideal for Treating: 

    • Low back pain
    • Pregnancy

The functions of this brace include- to support lumbar and abdominal regions. Also, is ideally suited to relieve pain from the lower back, and reduce discomfort during pregnancy. 

Measure circumference of the hips.

Ortholife is a market-leading manufacturer of Orthopaedic Products, with a mission of “Better Quality Orthopaedic Products for a Better Quality Life”. Their products are engineered to get you back to work faster, carefully designed under the direction of health professionals all over the globe. Learn more here.

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