Platinum Blue Dressing Metal Detectable Strip

Platinum Blue Dressing Metal Detectable Strip

  • $5.25
  • Incl GST

A longer lasting, economical, food-industry grade plaster. 

The Platinum Blue Dressing Strip comes in a long 1m roll; representing an extremely economical choice for food grade detectable plasters.

Highly resistant to water, this dressing stip features a film that greatly reduces the chances of the plaster coming off in wet conditions.

The highly absorbent central pad provides excellent protection for wounds. A metal detectable strip is present under the protection pad, ensuring the Dressing is ideal for safe use in the food industry.

The overall result of is a longer lasting, very durable plaster that works exactly as intended.

 Comes as an each in a handy 7.5cm x 1m size. 

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