PrimeCast Fiberglass Casting Tape

PrimeCast Fiberglass Casting Tape

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A Strong and Durable Casting Tape Helping to Accelerate Healing 

PrimeCast is a synthetic casting tape impregnated with polyurethane resin, which is activated by water before use.

Within the medical industry, this tape has proven to be a popular, high-performing  casting product. 

  • Versatile: As this tape is soft semi-rigid and flexible, it allows controlled movement to accelerate healing of the wound for some applications. Also, may be used with a standard rigid casting tape, to provide movement only in a specific area.
  • Excellent Moulding on Curved Areas: Superior multi-directional stretch ensures excellent moulding on curved areas.
  • Durable Lamination: High quality knitted substrate and special resin formula provides smooth surface, ensuring a clean, strong lamination.
  • Economical: Requires fewer rolls and less re-casting compared to POP bandage.
  • Well Suited to Many Applications: Air-permeable, X-ray transparent, lightweight, strong and durable.

Different Colours available; helping to make Casting Fun! 

Comes in an economical box of 10.

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