PrimeCast Fiberglass Casting Tape

  • $88.20
  • Incl GST

Prime cast is a synthetic casting tape impregnated with polyurethane resin, which is activated by water before use. This well proven product, through the years, has been proved and trialled in use. This is a soft semi regid flexible casting tape, which allows controlled movement to accelerate healing of the wound for some applications. It may be used with a standard rigid casting tape, to provide movement only in a specific area.

Prime Fiberglass Casting Tape 5cm x 3.6m - Green Colour - Box 10 Superior multi-directional stretch gives excellent moulding on curved areas. High quality knitted substrate and special resin formula provides smooth surface and clean, strong lamination. Offers savings from requiring fewer rolls and less re-casting compared to POP bandage. Air-permeable, X-ray transparent, lightweight, strong and durable.

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