Rigid Sports Strapping Tape

  • $8.80
  • Incl GST

An essential product for sports and strapping! 

This is one of the best Sports Strapping Tapes available in New Zealand!

Specifically manufactured for the sporting and strapping industry, you can be guaranteed that this tape has been designed with the needs of the sportsperson in mind. 

It is made from rigid, robust and tear-able materials, and Serrated edges allows for faster tearing. This fast-tearting feature makes it essential for people performing first aid in a sports environment. The tearable Rigid Sports strapping tape is far quicker and less cumbersome than using scissors to cut the tape, making it ideal for application to elbows, knees and wrists

This tape is porous, high strength and rigid, thanks to a strong zinc oxide adhesive, offering extra strong support for strains and sprains. Ideal for Patello femoral taping. 

Comes in three different sizes; allowing you to find the tape that suits your needs best. 

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