Roche Combur 3E Test Strips

Roche Combur 3E Test Strips

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Easy Readability and High Sensitivity for Very Accurate Diagnosis

The Combur 3 Test E urine test strips are perfect for detecting glucose, protein and blood in the urine. They are a stand out product, due to their high sensitivity, and ease of reading.

The special structure of the Combur 3E urine test strips ensures that the test areas are quickly soaked with urine and excess urine is absorbed. This avoids interference between test areas.

Also, the extra-long handle ensures that fingers are kept clean whilst performing the test!

  • High-sensitivity permits colour development even in response to the smallest pathological changes
  • Easy to read thanks to clear colour changes
  • Insensitive to ascorbic acid
  • Long handle
  • 50 test strips
  • Parameters: Glucose, protein, blood


Comes in an economical box of 50. 

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