Smith and Nephew Cutilin Low Adherent Dressing

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A high-quality, low-adherent dressing for exuding wounds. 

Smith and Nephew's Cutilin is a low-adherent dressing, suited for exuding wounds. Supplied in both sterile and non-sterile formats, it can be cut to suit, without linting.

This dressing consists of three layers:

  1. Non woven backing - this layer contains a dispersant core to ensure the dispersion of the exudate and help prevent strike through. 
  2. Absorbent core -100% cotton
  3. Low stick layer - Polyolefin plastic film which provides this layer. The plastic film is attached to the absorbent core by multiple wicking points to ensure even distribution of the wound exudate.

There are many features and benefits of Cutilin. They include: 

  • Low-stick wound pad for pain-free removal
  • Surgical fleece core and non-stick film to cover and protect wound
  • Multiple wicking points - absorbs large amounts of fluid and won't clog with exudate

Comes in two different sizes - find the one that suits you! 

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