Splint Socks with Thumb Spica / Hole

Splint Socks with Thumb Spica / Hole

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A High Quality Cotton Sock Offering Comfort and Support

Manufactured from High quality mercerised cotton treated in yarn form. This means the Splint Sock has improved moisture absorption ability, and comfort.

Mercerised cotton absorbs approximately 30% more moisture than ordinary cotton and will not become hard after washing unlike ordinary cotton - meaning this Splint Sock is able to be used and reused!

The inner splint sock layer consists of microfibre nylon and elastane – helping to keep the skin dry, as well as transfer any perspiration to the outer cotton layer for absorption.

This sock is made from Elastane, providing the sock with both stretch and shape conforming ability.

Available in both Thumb hole and Thumb spica designs. Comes in a generous packs of 5 splint socks. Made from 71% cotton, 29% Nylon/Elastane

Sizing Guide: 

  • S/M – suitable for small to medium size women’s hand
  • M/L – suitable for medium to large men’s hand.

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