St John Workplace Hygiene Bundle - Standard

St John Workplace Hygiene Bundle - Standard

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Ensure you are prepared with the St John Workplace Hygiene Bundle!   

Combining 15 Packs of 75% Alcohol Wipes and 4 Bottles of Medical Grade Hand Sanitiser, 200 Latex Gloves, 50 N95 Face Masks, and proven Hospital-Grade Disinfectant Viraclean, this bundle will give you peace of mind in knowing your workplace office is well equipped for any emergency. 


 The N95 Face Mask is 95% BFE, Fluid Resistant, 4 Ply, Earloop, and features an Adjustable nose clip and a comfortable fit. These Masks are proven to protect individuals from the spread and transmission of airborne particles.

Our versatile 75% Alcohol wipe is suitable for both cleansing and hygiene - ideal for medical staff, public areas, households, personal care and surface hygiene and disinfection. 

The 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser has been tested to FDA Standards, and is a topical disinfectant ideal for cleaning hands, decontamination, and sterilisation. 

Premium Latex Powder Free Gloves are a traditional latex glove with premium thickness. A versatile, easy to use, product choice for the healthcare industry, offering superior tactile sensitivity, comfort and fit. These fit a standard glove dispenser.

Viraclean is a hospital grade disinfectant in a handy 500ml spray bottle. A major development in advanced cleaning and disinfecting technology, Viraclean has been proven to kill a broad range of bacteria and viruses.

All products combined in a handy bundle! 

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