Terumo Surflo Winged Infusion Set

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Terumo Surflo Winged Infusion Set Short Tube 9cm Green 21 Gauge 3/4 Inch Ultra Thin Wall EOG Sterilised (1SV*21BLS)

Surflo Winged Infusion Sets Latex Free  incorporate the best of Terumo’s technology.  The precisely honed edges and double bevel design facilitate the smoothest possible penetration with minimum tissue trauma.

The thin walled cannula allows for higher flow rates being ideal for rapid infusions and dosages with high viscosity.  The tubing is highly flexible and virtually memory-less which greatly reduces the risk of the tube kinking and therefore disruption to the infusion flow.

The large colour coded interlocking wings ensure perfect stability and grip during venipuncture.  To confirm to the skin surface and to put less pressure on the blood vessel, the wings are slightly angled in relation to the cannula.