WristWidget® Wrist Splint

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The Highly-Popular, Highly-Effective Wrist Splint that has kept Many Out of Surgery! 

The WristWidget® was invented in 2006 by Wendy Medeiros. After years of observing and treating clients suffering from hand and wrist pain due to TFCC tears in her role as an Occupational Therapist, she developed this revolutionary wrist splint. 

The WristWidget® is highly effective at treating your ulnar sided wrist pain due to your TFCC tear. In many cases, they have prevented people with TFCC tears from undergoing surgery.

The Wrist Widget has a Velcro closure mechanism does not interfere with wrist motion or weaken with use. It holds the wrist securely in place without irritation to the skin or wrist joint. 

Comes in a Universal Size. 

The WristWidget® has been given rave reviews by a range of Athletes, Professionals, Musicians - and many, many more! Read their stories here

In order to get the most out of your WristWidget®, it is important that you put it on correctly. Explore WristWidget® instructional videos here

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